We're always here to help solve your queries. Here are a few we'ved answerd for you.

  • Is the app for free?

    Yes, the App is free to use, share and experience.

  • What about my Privacy? Is the data of my pet safe?

    Yes, your data is absolutely safe. Your privacy is our priority. People can access your profile only if they have access to your password or if they have access to your Facebook account in case you have logged in via FB.

  • Which OS do you support?

    TailTales is supported by both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Where can I download the App?

    Download the TailTales app here for iOS and here for android!

  • What is the App about?

    The app is all about giving your pet the best care the city has to offer, all at your fingertips. Experience the ease and joys of pet care with TailTales. Explore our app to learn how!

  • Which languages are supported?

    Right now, we support only English. This will change, very soon. Let us know if there is any other language you want us to support in our “Contact Us” option!

  • Where does the app work?

    Everywhere. Absolutely Everywhere. Round-the-clock pet care and support, anywhere you need, anytime you do.

  • Do I need Internet on the phone for the app to work?

    Yes, you will need a working Internet connection for the app to function seamlessly. However you will still get reminders from your calendar without the Internet.

  • Which pet animals does the app support?

    At the moment the app supports dogs and cats! We plan to expand to many more animals!

  • Can I create a profile for the pet when I don’t live in India?

    Yes, you absolutely can.

  • I have a great idea about a feature. Where do I reach you?

    We’re always open to new ideas! And love feedback! We have a contact us option on our website and app. Write in with your thoughts, feedback and ideas and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

  • I am the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons! How many profiles can I create?

    How many ever you want! Stay crazy!

  • Where did you get the inspiration to create this app?

    The founder found herself caring for 4 doggies at one point, ranging from 60 day old lab puppies Nzuri & Zara to a one year old chocolate treat Zoe & 6 year old golden beauty Mara. Each of them had very different needs & she struggled to keep track! Her search for a solution turned up nothing satisfactory & so she decided to make one!

  • I’m thinking about buying a pet elephant, do you plan on expanding the range of supported animals at a certain point.

    Well, not for the moment. Besides, elephants are best left in the wild.