May 26, 2017

Galen in India 2017 with TailTales as their Tech Partner

Ola pet parents!

We are thrilled to have been associated with Galen in India 2017 as a tech partner and sponsor!

Hosting a #nodogsinpain initiative, Bangalore Hundeskole, brought esteemed canine myotherapist Julia Robertson for a week long interactive learning session for pet parents and pet caretakers. There was also a live web-cast of the talk by Julia on the Galen in India 2017 facebook page

If you missed something and have more queries for the Galen Team, send in your query on the TailTales app! Download it now. We will get Julia and her team to answer them for you.

Stay tuned for live updates, helpful tips and all that’s happening at this first ever pet care event right here on the app and even on our facebook page

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