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A sneak peak into all that TailTales does for you!

Why we are pawsome!

We have a solution for your pet's every need, from pet care to pet entertainment; any where, any time.

Build unique pet profiles

Create personalized pet profiles.
Have all your pet's details, quirks & preferences recorded in one place.

Access pet services anytime-anywhere

Get pet set with round-the-clock pet support!
From vets to groomers and stores to sitters, connect with pet support services closest to you.

Manage pet records

Access and manage your pet’s latest records with just a click.
Stay updated round the clock on what's next on your pet's calendar.

Pet Emergency Support

Want to help or need help? Find blood donors for your beloved pet
and enlist them to be brave blood donors themselves!

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    Download the TailTales app.

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    Create a TailTales profile for your pet!

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    Sit back and enjoy a world of unconditional pet support.

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    Untap the most essential pet services closest to you.

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    Access pet emergency support – Donate/ Receive blood.

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